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Arsenic Metal Review 2013
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Arsenic metal market review of 2013
In 2013 the market of arsenic metal is stable,comparing early Jan 2013 the price in Dec fall down US$50 per ton. Due to more strict environment protection policy in China, arsenic should be seperated from the copper, gold and other metal refinery mineral residue first instead of dumping directly, the output of low grade arsenic material increased and the price fall down accordingly. Considering the cost increase in labor, transporation and foreign currency exchange, factory is still under great pressure. In 2014 the price is expected to be stable.
In 2013 Chenzhou chenxi metal co., ltd exported 1700mt arsenic metal, the total export is around 2400mt. Except order of special packing and special requirement, all order can be shipped within 15days. The sulplus of arsenic metal in 2013 is around 250mt.In 2014 the demand and supply is expected to be almost equal.

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